Friday, September 20, 2019

"Piña" La Mera Candelaria - NEW MUSIC REVIEW

  La Mera Candelaria is an amazing tropical band.   Lead singer Stephani is the queen of cumbia in Los Angeles.  The group performs an acoustic style of Mexican cumbia, blending it with genres like ranchera, Cuban son and more.  They’ve shared the stage with greats like Los Tigres del Norte and La Chamba. 

   La Mera peforms and tours a lot, and puts on an awesome and energetic live show. The band is incredibly talented, with amazing conga, timbales, bass and guitar solos. Stephani sings and dances her heart out with style and flair.  

   You can’t miss their new recording “Piña”  featuring Chhoti Maa, out today. It captures all the excitement of their live performances and more.  Stephani’s voice is sultry and strong.  This end of summer song is an instant classic, and reminds one of the old hits from Sonora Dinamita.  The synth keys on this recording are deliciously infectious. 

   Follow La Mera Candelaria on Instagram and Spotify, and give their new tune a like and listen.  For all the coolest new art and music stay tuned to SharksEatMeat daily. 

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