Where are our contributors from?

     Sharks Eat Meat is a collective of contemporary artists who post new artwork every day through their blog. The website’s current curator is John Coulter. The blog features artists from all over the world and the collection includes photos, paintings, prints, videos and animations, sculptures, fashion and accessories, mixed media works, experimental cat art, and more. The blog has been updated daily for several years now featuring recent works by young artists and encourages new submissions.

John Coulter
New York, New York. 
Recent co-curator John is an animator, musician and painter.  He plays saxophone in several mambo and cumbia bands. 

Anna Christina Frischknecht
The Interzone
Anna Christina is a painter and animator.  Her art often addresses themes of class struggle, consumerism and feminism.  She also produces all of the art for the musical group Los Coulters.
Trevor Hawkins
Kansas City, Missouri.  USA
Stylish travel photographer, videographer, and motion designer Trevor Hawkins is a co-founder of the Shark blog.  He currently manages the entertainment company Mammoth Media.

Satadru Sovan
New Delhi, India
Sensual, dreamlike, and poetic; Internationally important and intriguing, multidisciplinary artist Satadru Sovan sets viewers adrift in a cyberspace to explore race and gender.

Álvaro Izquierdo
Coquimbo, Chile

Álvaro's paintings are more fun than digging through a child's action-figure collection.  Hyper-energetic and densely full of imagination, there is always more to find in a Álvaro painting.

Mark Coulter
The Interzone
Multidisciplinary artist Mark Coulter is a videographer, editor, tattoo artist, illustrator, drummer and athlete. 

Paula Duró
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Paula's bold and charming painted figures seem to be illuminated by stars. Deep hued colors and solid shapes remind one of Mola fabrics.

Ashly Bohinc
Columbia, Missouri.  USA
A founding member of the blog and a co-curator.  Ashly is a painter, printmaker and illustrator from Missouri.  She is known for her hand painted shoes and delicate animal imagery.

Nirali Lal
Vadodara, India
Always sophisticated and complex, Nirali is a dedicated artist with many intricate paintings.  Genius color arrangements and well balanced, organic patterns are sure to keep viewers looking at Nirali's paintings.

Cecilia Beaven
Mexico City, Mexico
Whimsical animator and painter Cecilia Beaven resides in Mexico City.  Her distinctive style overflows with detailed doodles. 

Phil Musen
Boston, Massachusetts.  USA
Raw, gritty, and full of energy Phil's paintings and sculptures always bring a smile.   The fantastic narratives Phil creates are sure to charm anyone.

Shannon Wright
Newborn, Georgia.  USA
Shannon is a painter and found object artist from Georgia.  Shannon's specialty is painting landscapes and small critters.

Lucía Prudencio Nuñez
Veracruz, Mexico
Painter, printmaker, muralist, and ceramist, Lucía's playful style is easy to enjoy.
Her work includes community ceramic cookware, distinctive mandalas and many other fun paintings.

Paolo Cirio
Manhattan, New York.  USA
Paolo is an international conceptual artist.  His work investigates and creates social situations around contemporary ideas of surveillance, internet privacy, and public information.

Sandra Valenzuela
Manhattan, New York.  USA
Politically suave artist Sandra San asks viewers to rethink and reinterpret everyday cultural symbols.  Sandra thoughtfully displaces peoples conceptions of everything from consumerism to gender rolls.

Ana Clara Soler
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires artist Ana Clara Soler's faded retro collages create a calm, surreal space.  Her naturalistic videos are fun and quirky.

Guido Yannitto
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Multidisciplinary, conceptual artist Guido is from Argentina.  Many of his photos and videos ask viewers to question the spaces and environments around them.

Sushe Felix
Denver, Colorado.  USA
Abstract landscape painter Sushe Felix is from Denver, Colorado.  Her expressive landscapes are as powerful as any works from, Regionalist painters, the Transcendental Painting Group or Kandinsky's landscapes.

Denver, Colorado.  USA
Colorado painter, Tracy Felix renders infinite mountain landscapes with a rich sense of volume.   Each painting decorates an impressive span of earth with a playful variety of patterned surfaces.

Catherine Asanov
Los Angeles, California.  USA
Fashion and model photographer Catherine Asanov grew up in Moscow and works in Los Angeles.  Always sleek and luxurious Catherine's photos are new to the blog.

Luna Portnoi
A wizard with paint and markers Argentinean Luna Pornoi is better with pointillism and polka-dots than Seurat.  Radiant portraits and mandalas are some of her specialties.

Andrew Michael Phillips 
Atlanta, Georgia.  USA
 Contemporary portrait photographer Dru Phillips is raising cosplay to new heights.  Check out his strong portfolio of other worldly heroes and more.

Sherri Nienass
Atlanta, Georgia. USA
Exploring spaces where people shop, Sherri Nienass takes a look at the psychology behind consumerism with her voyeuristic photography.

Andy Mermet
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Folk painter and illustrator Andy Mermet is from Argentina.  Retablo style animals and exciting Hindu deities come to life when Andy paints them.

Curro Gómez
Madrid, Spain
In Madrid, Curro Gómez playfully mixes symbols from religious iconography with pop culture and street art style.

Kendrick Daye
Atlanta, Georgia.  USA
Fresh, young, and talented mixed-media artist Kendrick Daye is also the head of art and culture magazine Art Nouveau. Keep your eyes on Kendrick; his style is hot.

Evan Hobart
San Francisco, California.  USA
San Francisco artist Evan Hobart's oily black and white palette portrays a grim over-industrialized world.  The bold technical details enrich the fossil-fuel dependent lands he invasions.

Eric Almanza
Los Angeles, California.  USA
Eric Almanza's narrative paintings always have sharp titles.
His traditional paintings tell the help viewers understand Chicano identity and culture.

Pablo Harymbat
Cordoba, Argentina
A master of murals; street artist Pablo Harymbat's paintings don't just decorate buildings, they define  the space they are in.

Danilo Omwisye
São Paulo, Brazil
Danilo's dramatic rainbow covered paintings are layered with
mischievous characters to discover.  Danilo's work reminds one of a Matisse painting or a joyful party.

Emily J. Moore 
Denver, Colorado.  USA
Denver painter and illustrator Emily J. Moore's figure paintings and prints are full of unexpected decorations and playful patterns.

Amanda Schwartz
Baltimore, Maryland.  USA
Fashionista Amanda Schwartz creates classy fashion, handbags and jewelry. 

Drew Wise
Sterling, Virginia.  USA
Pixel master Drew Wise spews out tons of fun animations, digital art and t-shirts.  All of his parodies and pop culture icons are rendered with a sharp edge.

Kenneth Swoger
Kansas City, Missouri.  USA
Kenneth's calm, atmospheric photography covers subjects like skaters, wildlife and eerie abandoned spaces.

Natalie Hofert
Buffalo, New York.  USA
Portrait, street, and landscape photographer Natalie Hofert encounters magic in everyday environments.  Some of her strong suits are lively candid and street photography and frozen landscapes. 
Vikki Chu
Queens, New York.  USA
Upbeat pattern designer and NY painter Vikki Chu's works are super playful and expressive.  Her organic patterns are the best.

Elia Woods
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  USA
Quilter, fiber, and installation artist Elia Woods is from Oklahoma City.  Vegetables, gardening and traditions of eating are examined in Elia's fabulous fiber works.

Libby Preiss
Pasadena, California.  USA
Painter and illustrator Libby Preiss creates a variety of inspiring projects from traditional portraits to hand painted garden boxes.

Michael Distasi
Kansas City, Missouri.  USA
Kansas City illustrator and designer Michael Distasi is an early contributor to the Shark blog.  He is known for his bold, minimal style.

David Gant
Kansas City, Missouri.  USA
Punk rock artist David Gant hails from Kansas City, Missouri.  His meaty paintings are intense.

Yujin Sick
Malang, East Java, Indonesia
Yujin is a spirited illustrator from Malang, Indonesia.  Yujin's fun scenes always have a crowd of cute characters and clever crops.

Lori Sabina Piecyk
Denver, Colorado.  USA
Lori Sabina Piecyk's sculptures, paintings and illustrations predominately feature a tranquil white palette and meditative Cubo-futurist geometric structure.

Denver, Colorado.  USA
Denver graphic designer Book Williams Jr. is known for his layered paper collages and illustrations.

Lucas Aguirre
Cordoba,  Argentina
Lucas Aguirre is a muralist, comic book illustrator and painter from Argentina.  His detailed surreal paintings frequently have a cubist style and rabbit motifs.

Kevin Bongang
Atlanta, Georgia.  USA
Kevin Bongang is a Georgia painter, illustrator, muralist and fashion designer.  Kevin's imaginative works have intricate, interweaving lines and patterns with bright sour colors.

Levi Hoffmeier
Kansas City, Missouri.  USA
Levi Hoffmeier is a fantasy artist that creates comics, digital art and illustrations.

David Kenyon
Brooklyn, New York.  USA
David Kenyon uses loose gestural lines full of energy to define his comics and illustrations.

Cristian Elizalde
Santiago, Chile
Chilean Cristian creates lively landscapes and animal portraits.  The quaint, colorful landscapes are really charismatic. 

Jacob Crook
Syracuse, New York.  USA
Traditional painter and printmaker Jacob Crook's works examine the banal landscapes of isolated suburbs. 

Lily Kuonen
Jacksonville, Florida.  USA
Lily Kuonen is a conceptual artist in Jacksonville, Florida.  Her work explores the how people define paintings and sculptures.

Alyson Khan
Denver, Colorado.  USA
Alyson Khan is a abstract cubist painter, sculptor, and collage artist from Denver, Colorado.

Armineh Moghadasi
Tehran, Iran
Armineh's delicate illustrations of people and maps are lovely.   Subtle neutrals, soft pinks and muted cerulean blues decorate her quirky creations.

James Meyer
Brisbane, Australia
Unconventional video, painter, collage artist James Meyer grew up in Missouri and lives in Australia.

Everett Dixon
Albany Georgia.  USA
Everett's colorful works explore identity, alien and the other. 

Derek Hansson
Texas, USA
Subversive folk artist Derek Hansson fills his paintings and prints with wild fauvist colors.  A blunt sense of humor colors his wonderful paintings, poems, and youtube creations.

Brandon Loving
Lee's Summit, Missouri.  USA
Brandon Loving is a quirky illustrator from Lee's Summit, Missouri.  His lighthearted works have been a part of the blog since the beginning.

John Chae
Seoul, South Korea
John Chae grew up in Seoul, Korea and studied in America.  His frenzied illustrations boast vibrant patterns and insane geometric structures.

Katrina Franzen
Southport, Connecticut.  USA
Multidisciplinary artist Katrina Franzen is known for her work with Artists for Charity.  Her unique vinyl murals, paintings, prints, sculptures and cakes are delicious.

Marco Kalach
Mexico City, Mexico
Adventurous, explorative, and talented painter, sculptor and musician Marco is from the D.F..  His complex cubist paintings and organic sculptures are bursting with amusement.

Manuelita Buendiaz Jr.
The Interzone
Manu is a young tuxedo cat that creates minimalistic prints by scratching.  Her graceful and sublime prints have helped raise money for charitable auctions.  Gallerists are not always informed she is a cat.
Anurag Basak
New Delhi, India
Anurag's conceptual installations explore themes of violence in food. 

Oiendrila Moitra
New Delhi, India
Oiendrila's mixed media artworks showcase the human condition and psychology.  Her recent works look at how females have become a objectified commodity in society.

Brian Freeborn
Kansas City, Missouri. USA
Brian is one of the original contributors to the shark blog.  He is a multi-disciplinary artist and junior high art educator. 

Gary Frier
Cape Town, South Africa
South African artist Gary Frier paints from his personal experiences.  His vibrant paintings of animals really stand out.

Imran Nafees Siddiqui
Lahore, Pakistan
Artist and activist Imran Nafees Siddiqui creates thoughtful artwork that raise awareness for gay and gender issues.

Syed Ali Arif
Hyderabad, India
Syed's expressive paintings are based on traditional Kathakali theatre.  The painted figures are as subtle and graceful as the Kathakali performances themselves.  

Vipul Prajapati
Ahmedabad, India
Vipul creates detailed paintings and mixed-media works that focus on workers and laborers.