Monday, December 10, 2012

DAY 778 - Jupiter Divinorum & Art Review

Painting by Paula Duró
Magia Pintura
Review by John Coulter

      Paula Duró is a painter, album cover artist, and muralist from Argentina.  Her playful artwork has recently been featured on the Sharks Eat Meat blog and her work is worth researching. 

     Symbols from Mayan glyphs hover over both a portrait and a landscape in the painting 'Plastilina de Dios.'  Both flashy and calmingly pleasant, the work depicts an odd space that only a painting can.  Soft primaries and spirited secondaries link the disjoined elements smoothly, in this abstraction.

     In both 'La Conspiración Shusticiera' and 'Plastilina de Dios' the combination of hard lined designs and soft fleshy painted portions form a strong balance and create different focal points of interest.  Paula's paintings successfully blend decorative patterns with more rendered forms in a way similar to Klimt's ornate portraits, but with a Mola flair.

      A potpourri of vibrant patterns surrounds the chicas in 'La Conspiración Shusticiera.' The left figure's fashionable hood along with both figure's finger nails invite the viewer into a playful environment. In a dreamy way similar to magic realist literature this image captures the joy many find during night.

     'Jupiter Divinorum'
  is Paula's latest work to be featured on the Sharks Eat Meat blog.  A fantastic space is portrayed in this landscape that one instantly wants to explore.  Paula's paintings are lively and imaginative; they are sure to charm anyone with their mischievous nature.  Please support great artists like Paula.

    See more of her work at

Thursday, December 6, 2012

DAY 774 - Hoist

18 x 18 x 18" Installlation of Canvases, florescent lights, ratchet straps, and pressure by Lily Kuonen