Wednesday, December 25, 2013

DAY 1158 - Estrella & "Review"

Print by Manuelita Buendiaz Jr.

 Manuelita Buendiaz Jr.'s artwork embraces minimalism. 
 Each delicate piece of linen is carefully visually balanced.
 She creates a subtle, calm, tranquil space inside each tiny piece.

   Manuelita's line work resembles Julie Mehretu's, but with a quieter approach.
Manu handles her lines in a very graceful way.  Each clever mark rolls
across the surface like a gentle breeze.  Julie Mehretu's large works
visually portray a jarring explosion of data and ideas.  In contrast,
Manuelita playfully presents less tangible subjects.

Manu utilizes a unique print making process by incorporating carbon
copy paper.  Only one mono-print of each subject is made. 

   Collectors looking for something small and thoughtful, should
support Manuelita's endeavors.   I give this artist one of my highest
recommendations.  Stay tuned to see more of
her new works.

Review by John Coulter