Monday, October 12, 2015

DAY 1815 - Ethosphere 5

Painting by Sarah Jacobs

       American painter Sarah Jacobs is a new contributor to the Sharks Eat Meat team.    Her paintings are ripe with energy and keep the mind going like a complex geometry problem. Her abstractions seem to frictionlessly blend imagery from Islamic tiles, stained glass, European quilts and other sources. The arrangement of the patterns are playful like a Kandinsky composition and never rigid.

      “Ethosphere 2” looks as if a kaleidoscope had the power of the Hubble Telescope.  The hand painted shapes are as crisp as a Sony HD screen.  “Ethosphere 6” is a grandiose pattern where floral and geometric designs interact naturally.  The organic system of the patterns has you searching for order amongst the turmoil.  One direction for future works may be to transition the patterns onto 3d objects, fashion or architecture.  I’m curious to see her work evolve.

     See all of her art at and support this talented artist.

Review by John Aaron Coulter