Wednesday, January 31, 2018

DAY 2657 - Desert Seduction I

Painting by Hernan Paravic

Review : James Meyer

Review : James Meyer

James Meyer has a unique background before coming to commercial fashion photography.  Years ago, he was a videographer and a digital collage artist.  I would later hear that he was doing event photography for clubs and entertainment venues in Australia, and again later find he had started Eclipse, a fashion photography magazine in the United States.  While Jimmy has always had a great eye, his talent and craft have evolved into an entirely new class.  

His best photos have an elegance that could be described as Calvin Klein meets Kubrick.  A 2017 photoshoot with model Cierra Morris produced some of his boldest photos.  The shapely composition and stark linear design empower the figure.  The hair and wardrobe are showcased prominently and uniquely.   “Warm” featuring, Gabrielle Rénee Carpenter is striking.  Shadows and shapes envelop and unfold like a Thomas Hart Benton or Georgia O’Keeffe. 

His recent magazine publication reveals his grand vision and entrepreneurial efforts.  Eclipse is available online and in print in Kansas City.  You can find more of Meyer’s work at his website and here on SharksEatMeat.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Review : Lael Llaverias

REVIEW: Lael Llaverias

Singer, songwriter, producer, promoter, actor, festival organizer:  Boom Box Repair Kit frontman Lael Llaverias has been busy, and you need to know what he’s been working on. As a music producer he has his hands in important projects all over New York and the Caribbean.  

His record label, Bodega Island produces around 10 bands. But also collaborates with 100’s of other artists, books and organizes shows and promotes groups that aren’t fully produced by the label.  Standout artists Mula, Maluca, Gallo Lester, Los Coulters, Hecho en Brooklyn, Happy Colors, Dinais, JOBO, and more have all contributed to the label’s success. 

Lael also coordinates the biggest alternative Dominican music festival on Earth: Bodega Island Fest.  In addition to annual Bodega Island Festivals, Lael has been putting together an onslaught of shows from groups on the label.  Regular performances featuring open jam sessions are ongoing at Trans-Pecos in Brooklyn.

In late 2017 Lael’s own band Boom Box Repair Kit released a 5 track EP of epic Dominican rock titled Every Single One Of Us. The EP explores psychological themes while providing heavy punk guitar and lots of guira. 

Lael’s wife Karina beautifully handles design and marketing for the label, keeping a funky alternative design that suits the musical acts perfectly.  

Stay tuned to Lael’s Instagram and website and follow SharksEatMeat to learn more about awesome artists like this and more.

DAY 2650 - Untitled

Artwork by Chris Blume