Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DAY 1165 - Vision 5 & "Review"

Painting by Álvaro Izquierdo


        Chilean artist Álvaro Izquierdo's paintings are more fun than digging
through a child's action-figure collection.  Álvaro's lively works
include paintings, murals, sculptures and fashion.  His paintings are
hyper-energetic and densely full of imagination.  There is always more
to find in a Álvaro painting.  So many paintings in the art world are
predictable and boring like a yearbook photo.  Álvaro's art
consistently is full of rhythm and flavor (con ritmo y sabor.)  His
unconventional colors and patterns are sure to surprise and bring a

   Álvaro confidently dares to use garishly loud color combinations.
Colors as brassy as old cumbia songs, grab a viewer's attention.  Each
piece is like an electrified Frank Stella, buzzing like a pinball
machine.   "NEO GEO" and "Narcopolitca" are masterpieces.  Álvaro's
works find a fine balance between Matisse's simple poetics and Bosch's
densely populated wonderlands.  Álvaro's painting "No Sleep at All"
has all the charm of a Howard Finster landscape.

    I encourage you to support Álvaro Izquierdo in his artistic
efforts.  Look for more of his artwork here on

review by John Coulter