Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DAY 1887 - System

Painting by Albert Oszek

Albert Oszek’s instinctual paintings reveal the childlike nature of consumerism.  His tormenting scenes recall Kirchner’s ghastly spirit.  The sinuous frosting like texture of his paint summons you to look. 

The “Infantilisators”, is a series that depicts children in a debauch.  The depraved characters have been crafted as both paintings and sculptures.  The demon toddlers, drink, smoke, shop and play in the trash.  “Infantilisators” uncovers the horrors of worshiping consumer culture.  Disease and gluttony are on display. 

With a charming crudeness Albert shows how primal greed is.  The anti-capitalistic paintings are visceral and merit inspection.  See more of his work here

Review by John Aaron Coulter

Saturday, December 12, 2015

DAY 1876 - El Cuidador

Painting by Cristian Elizalde

      Cristian Elizalde is an artist from Santiago, Chile. His paintings parade the charm of everyday life. Often simply explaining important moments.  He has a talent for breathing life into characters with very few strokes.  Cristian’s worlds are complexly psychological.  Think of his work like Howard Finster meets Cézanne.

      In “El Peral”  space unfolds in an abstract way, creating a Matisse like camouflage pattern.  The various species of trees and playing animals are nice details. Not only does Cristian give critters and animals earnest personalities, but paranormal creatures also.   Cristian has a knack for crafting oddballs and runaways.  Those who belong in a misfit club of alternative painters.

      In “La Familia Charlizon” a gang is gathered in the woods for a what seems to be a group portrait.  Elusive types who gather when no one else is around.  A peculiar light, (possibly a car’s headlights) is projected onto them.  Part of the mystery in Cristian’s worlds are what make them alluring.   All of his landscapes command a strong understanding of atmospheric light.  A type of haunting Goya-esque light grounds the narratives.

     Support Cristian’s work and visit his website here.  Look for more of his work on Sharks Eat Meat soon. 

Review by John Aaron Coulter

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

DAY 1873 - Outlanders 2

Drawing by Gordon Rabut

Gordon Rabut is like R. Crumb but hairier.  A compulsive and fiendish mark making blankets the dark figures and landscapes in Gordon’s unreal worlds.  Demons pose for portraits, and burly men battle in the meticulous drawings and paintings.  Marks and textures crawl across surfaces in Gordon’s fleshy occult scenes.

His “Demon’s Gift Portrait” series indulges in the morbid. They feature obscured figures, some in flames, melting and coming apart. They are hauntingly memorable.  Once you see them, you cannot unsee them.  He’s created a yearbook’s worth of strange inter-dimensional travelers.  Simultaneously familiar and alien, they evoke an era of art from Heavy Metal magazine.

Gordon has quickly become one of my favorite artists.  Collect this artists work now and visit his website here

Review by John Aaron Coulter

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DAY 1866 - Alta Cruces - REVIEW

Art by Ana Clara Soler


Argentinean artist Ana Clara Soler’s work is as diverse as it is delightful.  Her body of work includes fun collages, water colors, and multimedia projects.   

The abstract “Agave” flaunts radiant swashes of color that bleed together, lending to the nature of the watercolors.  Polychromatic geometric shapes interact with elements from the agave plant.  Rainbow gradients define the forms in “Agave”,  as if looking through a gem.

Muted colors and worn materials merge in Soler’s serene collages. “Melon Vaso” follows a traditional format, however in “Ventana” a more conceptual space converges.  

Check out more of Ana’s work here on SharksEatMeat and on her personal site, here

Review by John Aaron Coulter