Thursday, July 20, 2017

DAY 2461 - REVIEW - Older Girls

Painting by Kristen Liu-Wong

Review by John Coulter

Kristen Liu-Wong paints grotesque scenes of power and sexuality with cute colors.  She creates sharply dangerous, supernatural worlds reminiscent of Blade Runner, where murder and ritual sacrifice appear socially acceptable.  The stylish flat renderings resemble vector computer graphics or comic books.

Still Life with TV Dinner shows the artist’s ability to keep an image interesting without using sex and violence.  The artist’s style and voice carry the piece.  Subtle patterns adorn the scene and a canine enters the frame adding narrative to the work.

House 1121 shows a figure dragging it’s kill back to the den.  The work is more subtle than some of the more ferocious pieces, such as Merciless. A bra hanging in the window and a shadowy character acquiring a fresh corpse reveals the aftermath of the event, instead of the action, creating mystery.

All of her works have unique touches that make these alien worlds feel real and lived in.  From a plethora of otherworldly flora to strange jewelry and boots, these 
fine points create a sense of completeness in Liu-Wong's visions.  Details, from books and lotion, to a variety of pottery add to the believability.

The Hunt showcases two women riding a giant rat creature hunting boar.  This work is very successful for several reasons. Not only is it done in Liu-Wong's vibrant style, but it takes an ancient painting theme, the hunt, and contemporizes it.  It also is great amongst the artist’s own series because it strengthens women without directly attacking men.  It places the female protagonists in a role that is historically male in many cultures.  The heroes are seductive and empowering. 

I personally look forward to seeing more work from this artist.  Follow her on her website and here on SharksEatMeat.