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Artwork by Ryan Quickfall
The GO Show:  REVIEW by John Coulter

   On Friday night I went to a unique art exhibition at Union Garage, a Brooklyn space which hosts amazing events and sells motorcycle gear. While I’ve been to some of their motorcycle events, this is their first art exhibition I have attended.  It was a group exhibition curated by Ryan Quickfall. Artists included Rachel Wolfson Smith, Ryan Quickfall, Steve Caballero, Patrick “Duffy” de Armos, and Christopher Moytt.  I’m very impressed with whoever hung the show. Artwork was hung on brick and metal walls, personally, I know both can be challenging.  The works were very cleanly displayed floating on wires across a variety of surfaces.

Artwork by Patrick de Armas

Artwork by Rachel Wolfson Smith
Artwork by Patrick de Armas
   Curator, colorful illustrator and printmaker Ryan Quickfall displayed several screen-printed motorcycle scenes.  His line work and colors are reminiscent of classic comics and posters such as Ghost Rider or Watchmen.  The colors are perfectly soured, greens inky and pinks neon. The line-work is as meaty as an R. Crumb or an issue of Fist of the North Star.  Patrick “Duffy” De Armas displayed mixed media collages with text.  The work uses typography to convey a love of hotrods, motorcycles and the open road.  Christopher Myott‘s funky illustrative oil paintings were enjoyable.  The works have a very 1950’s modernist feel in line with Alice Neel.  Bold lines and contrasting flat colors are utilized well.  Rachel Wolfson Smith’s work brings a unique style and perspective to motorcycle art. Pastel colors and gestural marks capture fleeting moments in motion such as the stirring dust of the bike.  The works have a very atmospheric quality similar to Frederick Church or Monet.

   Famed skateboarder Steve Caballero, immortalized in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game series for his extreme sports skills is a talented visual artist as well.  His artwork has a laidback style like something you’d find at a tattoo parlor.  Caballero also included several more elegant pieces of a blue Indian Larry Motorcycle and a colorful helmet, rendered more traditionally.

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Artwork by Steve Caballero
Artwork by Christopher Myott 
Artwork by Ryan Quickfall

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