Saturday, December 3, 2016

DAY 2233 - After Hours

Photography by Kenneth Swoger

Review by John Coulter

Kenneth Swoger is a photographer from Kansas City, Missouri.  His subjects include landscapes, sports photography and commercial work.

In the ‘Dead Zones’ series, Swoger’s lens follows haunting spaces undisturbed in recent years.  As an almost alien visitor wading through clouds of dust in a contemporary ghost town, Swoger invites viewers to these off limits zones. 
He explores areas where nature has taken back suburban expansion and his photos show an eerie era frozen in time.  

Many of the ‘Dead Zones’ photographs have new life growing in them.  Lively and dried trees block the front of a boarded up shopping center and flowers poke through cracks in the parking lot.  The theme of nature reclaiming human developments is strong in the series.  His scenes of urban decay, devoid of human interaction, are similar to photos of Chernobyl or the Salton Sea. The project documents the effects of economic recession and how transitioning into the 21st century, some well established businesses became abandoned.

Keep following this young artist’s work here on his personal site and also on SharksEatMeat.