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DAY 900 - Kevin Bongang Art Review

Sourhead Pattern by Kevin Bongang

Review by John Coulter

      Kevin Bongang is a Georgia artist that has been part of the SharksEatMeat blog since mid-2012.  Kevin is an avid sketcher and it shows in all of his work including his paintings, prints, murals, fashion, and illustrations.

      Complex patterns and tart, youthful colors fill Kevin's body of work.  Everything Kevin does has a great compositional balance of light and dark contrast.   One of the main draws to Kevin's work is the intricate, interweaving line work.  Few artists choose to construct space and perspective with so much dynamic overlapping.

       Exploring one of Kevin's patterns is much like breaking apart one of M.C. Escher's prints.  Kevin's organic "Sourhead" pattern is just as strong as Escher's rigid "Sky and Water 1"   Kevin's complex labyrinth of lines and overlapping figures also bear a resemblance to contemporary N.Y. artist Doze Green.   However, Kevin's tangled characters are much more animated than Doze's static scenes.  Bongang's delightful amoeba-like figures have the playful characteristics of a Joan Miro.  The creatures in his "Coffee and Music" are full of expression.

      Many of Kevin's designs are featured on clothing.  Kevin's decision to bring his style off the wall and into fashion is amazing.  Fashion can help an artist gain exposure to people who may not be interested in art galleries.

      You can view a wonderful mural of Kevin's at Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Gallery in Atlanta, GA.  Please support Kevin Bongang at his website and ours.   ~Saludos