Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DAY 1010 - Touch of Life

Shadow photography by Shaheen Mohmood Reza

Saturday, July 20, 2013

DAY 1000 - "Scratch" Art Review

Mixed Media by Oiendrila Moitra
1000th Day Art Review

   I can't emphasize enough how important Oiendrila Moitra's artwork is.  New Delhi artist, critic, and educator Oiendrila's work contributes a necessary female voice to a dynamic social dialogue.  Her images and installations take a multifaceted look into the condition of women;  socially and psychologically.

      Oiendrila's installations such as "Facets of Faces" and "Artifacts" utilize shower curtains, lace, and other materials to tell a story. The variety of real fabrics used in both her installations and the mixed media pieces help make the themes tangible.  Mixed media works such as "Touch" and "External Wound" combine elaborately, sequined and embroidered fabrics with images of revealing torsos.    Each piece has evidence of an attack to the protagonist, made with paint.  "Touch" features a handprint on the backside of the curvy figure, and "Scratch" reveals claw marks across the belly.  The moment of narrative in the mixed-media works takes place after the assault where you can see the lasting effects. The images do not show the moment of the attack, but the record of the abuse.    Oiendrilas work points out that what society wants for women, is rarely in a woman's best interest.  Too many patriarchal societies disrespect women and treat them as a commodity.

      Oiendrila's works have some similarities to French artist Orlan's collage series"Hybridizations."   Orlan's "Hybridizations" challenge viewers concepts of beauty, gender, and culture.   However, Orlan's artwork frequently seeks to shock audiences which may distance many from listening to her message.   The value in Oiendrila's art is the subtleness that invites contemplation.  Contrastingly, Orlan's gags can fail when she relies too heavily on shock value.  Oiendrila's work allows audiences to think about the condition of women in their own lives such as daughters, sisters, mothers, co-workers or friends. 

    The SharksEatMeat blog will proudly be featuring a lot more of Oiendrila's artwork in the future.  Please support this talented, socially active artist.

Review by John Coulter

Saturday, July 13, 2013