- Halloween Week -


Sketchbook by Kevin Bongang

Día de Los Muertos
Face paint by John Coulter

Haunted Haircut
Comic book pages by Anna Christina Frischknecht

Grim Reapers
Painting by Phil Musen

Soy la Mano Gigante Que te Lleva de Paseo
Painting by Paula Duró

Watercolor by John Coulter

Inward Jim Screams the Night
Painting by David Gant

- Typography Week -

Sharks Gif
Gif by Trevor Hawkins

Round 2!
Illustration by Mike Distasi

Shark Design
Design by Tucker Adams

Illustration by Lindsey Salles

Typography Animals

Illustrations by Mike Distasi

- Mask Week -

Mask and design by Anna Christina Frischknecht

I don't want to get Coffee with You
Drawing by Ashly Bohinc

Photography by Tucker Adams

Bear Boat

Photography by Austin Goldberg

Mask Week Design

Poster by Trevor Hawkins

 - Public Art Week -

Chiquita Child Labor Stickers
Photo by John Coulter

Street Sign

FB Likes

Stickers by Ashly Bohinc & Trevor Hawkins

Stranger Danger
Photos by Trevor Hawkins

- Shark Week -

Oil Painting by John Coulter

Shark Week

Photos by David Zeller & Trevor Hawkins

Hurry Id Up!
Drawing by Freddie Wyss

Shark Portrait
Ink Illustration by Ashly Bohinc
Shark Posters

Posters by Chris Wilson

Hammer Time
Watercolor by Brian Freeborn
Drawing by Greg Doutt