Sunday, May 14, 2017

DAY 2394 - Roof-deck with Hot Tub

Painting by Tara Kopp

Review by John Coulter

Tara Kopp paints peculiar scenes of daily events, from vacuuming, take out dinners, to tooth brushing.  She captures a strange other worldliness in each piece.  There is a surreal directness to them. 

The source material for the painting are miniatures and not photos of real apartments which adds to the eerie atmosphere.  The doll like people both trivialize what humans do all day, and add a unique psychological/behavioral element to the works. Though the figures are slightly alien, they go about human business in a relatable way.  The figures are just generic enough that they could be anyone.  The simplicity of the dolls used as reference allows for each piece to be relatable.  Kopp makes strangers familiar.

Garage with Bench Press’s long format allows views into multiple rooms with the protagonists separated.  The separation of the figures and the viewer highlights modern isolation.  The omniscient view into the routines of others is stimulating.  The cutaway diagrams provide an intimate voyeuristic view of common domestic scenes.

Kopp makes the daily and mundane exquisite.  The works have an enjoyable quality of an awkward family photo.  Visit the artist’s website and collect her works.

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